Monday, April 28, 2008

Since the US Embassy, Vietnam released the statements on Friday, we have been processing the weight of the information. While nothing was new news, absorbing it in its entirety was heavy. We were fortunate to have my parents in town the last several days to talk through it all. I have also appreciated reading the responses of many other PAPs and APs. There isn't much that I can say that hasn't been shared by others.

Throughout the past year, I have become less and less comfortable posting about this journey. Regardless of the fact that I have two blogs...I am not a super open person and having an open blog devoted to something as close to us as the adoption of our child doesn't help. So, we have decided to relocate to wordpress so that we have the option to password protect posts. As we get closer to the possibility of referral, it will be nice to know who we are sharing with, and hopefully we'll do a better job keeping friends and family up to date.

Monday, April 14, 2008

4 months, 5 years

Saturday was a fairly significant day. For anyone keeping track (which I am pretty sure doesn't include anyone other than me), Saturday marked 4 months in our wait for a referral. Referrals have continued to come, and so we hope that our wait won't be too much longer. But, we don't know. Ah, the world of international many hopes, so many unknowns.

In addition to marking four months of waiting, Saturday (April 12) was also our five year anniversary. To celebrate, we went to Charleston, SC for the weekend and had a fabulous, stress-free weekend.

Here is a picture from the Magnolia Gardens near Charleston.

Friday, April 4, 2008

April 4th

One year ago today, Nick and I put our initial application in the mail to our agency. We didn't tell most people for many months to come, but it was a pretty significant day in this was the first.

Last year at this time we thought that there was a good chance we'd be traveling right about now. But, life happens; both to us and to the world of Vietnam adoptions. And so instead we are still waiting for our referral.

The whole Vietnam-adoption world has changed quite a bit from one year ago. Our agency was already not allowing families to choose gender and within a few months they stopped accepting new applications for their Vietnam program altogether. Since then, there have been several significant policy changes and the MOU expiration creeps closer and closer making tensions high.

This is a roller coaster ride that is hard to understand if you're not on it yourself. And I hardly write about it here, so if this is how you've kept up with our experience, I apologize for the lack of full information. I feel like we've done a pretty good job with the waiting. Waiting that has become a lot more than just waiting for a referral. However, this is hard. Some days are harder than others...but we're holding together fairly well. We're learning to be cozy with the unknowns...and if I may add, getting pretty good at it.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Education Log

Today I sent our education logs to our program coordinator. Our agency requires us to complete thirty hours of adoption education before accepting a referral. We've been working at this for months. This also included taking a CPR/First Aid class. We ended up taking it with the foster/adoption group at our county social services office. It was informative and surprising less complicated than the last time I took the course. Things change I guess. Actually, my first aid certifications are overlapping by one year. Oh well.

Also, several families from my agency have received their I-600 approvals this week. I'm super excited for them and hope that it implies consistent timelines in the weeks and months to come.

As for us...we're still waiting.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Three months

On Wednesday, our dossier had been in Vietnam for three months. I'm excited that time is progressing. But, there are so many factors in the equation these days. With so many unknowns, its hard to know what to think these days. So we celebrate that every day is one day closer to the day we finally bring a child into our family. And, we continue to wait...for a referral and for some information from the US and Vietnam governments to make announcements regarding in-process adoptions from Sept 1.

For friends and family who do not follow Vietnam adoptions closely...the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) regarding inter-country adoptions between the US and Vietnam expires at the end of August. For inter-country adoptions to continue, a new MOU needs to be negotiated. It is unknown how long this will take. In addition, many families are waiting for approval from the US government to bring their children home. It is uncertain if the US government will continue to process the I600s and grant visas to the children or if the Vietnamese government will allow in-process adoptions to be completed after the MOU expires.

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